Limeway Renovation and Conservation for Old and Listed Buildings

At Limeway Wiltshire we are traditional lime mortar specialists focusing on a range of services including lime mortar repointing, brick, chalk and flint replacement, lime rendering, lime plastering and Limecrete flooring. We have a specialist skillset and have a great reputation for providing traditional lime renovation and conservation of old and listed buildings. Our reputation within the industry is unrivalled and we have a strong and growing reputation within Swindon and Wiltshire for being the company to call for all specialist and traditional lime mortar works.

Why Lime for Old Buildings?

Lime plaster is a traditional building material which unlike concrete and gypsum is breathable (vapour permeable), allowing the masonry to 'breathe', this means moisture is not held in the masonry and can naturally evaporate.

Gypsum plaster is used in modern houses and works well with modern cavity walls; however, most old buildings do not have cavity walls and unfortunately many have been incorrectly restored and plastered with gypsum or modern cement which is not vapour permeable, thus trapping moisture in the masonry. Therefore, the use of modern materials (cement and gypsum) on old buildings often leads to damp, mould and can cause long term damage to the masonry.

Lime Render is breathable (vapour permeable) and it has a degree of elasticity, meaning it allows the masonry to breath and can flex with the building (old buildings naturally flex with the seasons); however, cement is often used as a low-cost alternative to lime render, unfortunately this a false economy which often leads to long term problems.

Cement is not vapour permeable and it is hard, the cement will eventually crack because it will not move with the building. Once cement on the outside of a building cracks water ingress arises, water ingress leads to cement coming away from the wall and the wall itself becomes 'friable' (easily crumbled). Should a wall get to the stage of being friable, sections of the wall itself may need to be replaced to maintain the integrity of the wall.

Environmentally Friendly

Lime is an environmentally friendly option with a lower carbon footprint from the manufacturing process than Portland cement. In addition, Lime absorbs carbon dioxide, further reducing its carbon footprint.

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